HAY ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD adhere to company policies that are designed to ensure that we operate our business to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, meets all legal requirements, and upholds Environmental and Health & Safety measures.

Those policies include:

Fundamental to HAY ENGINEERING are the core values we believe in and practice. Identified during the Investors in People Assessment they underpin all aspects of our business. Our Values offer clear business benefits and their link with the Performance Development Review Process help our employees understand what is expected from them.

Our team of construction professionals provides the technical expertise and knowledge necessary to achieve in all our ventures the proposed objectives regardless of their complexity and intricacy.


Well- trained employees are our strongest competitive advantage that embodies our common values of Trust, Discipline, Teamwork, and Customer focus. 


Our results-oriented workforce includes staff ranging from professional civil engineers, accountants, and administrators to specialised labourers, who thrive to deliver our clients the quality they deserve.

Prior commencement, our experts will provide the clients with the necessary tools to mitigate any typical construction industry risks by assisting with the construction drawing revision, permitting process and planning using CPM methods.

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  • Ownership & Initiative

  • Safety & Awareness

  • Quality

  • Customer Focus

Our clients know that what makes their projects run smoothly is the professionalism, skill and experience of the people who work on them. The right people care about the work they do, are active in helping the client overcome challenges and are an asset on the project.

Whilst skills can be taught the all-important professionalism and maturity cannot. We decided years ago that to be a high quality civil engineering and construction firm, HAY ENGINEERING would need to recruit on the things that cannot be taught so that both ourselves and our clients know that only the best people are going to turn up on site. 


We carry skilled tradesmen, technical and support teams, which supports us delivering high quality schemes at the best value. We supplement this with our loyal and long standing supply chain to suit each contract. The same logic is applied to our supply chain – our relationships with them are long-standing and are based on an understanding of what we expect of them. And it works: we notice the difference – and you will too.


HAY ENGINEERING provides services to a number of sectors including the education, commercial/industrial, government, utilities/infrastructure, leisure, energy and renewable energy sectors. We have professional staff and resources to successfully complete construction projects across Pakistan within diverse and complex environments, for the public and private sector. We are extremely dedicated to the projects we work on and seek to offer the most comprehensive and efficient delivery possible.

We have an enviable reputation of providing safe and responsible building and civil engineering services, achieving project completion within budget and to the highest standards of quality.

Send all enquiries to: info@hayengineering.com

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